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Collecting from Patients

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Patient responsibility now accounts for nearly 1/4 of revenue in the healthcare industry. Start collecting more of it! This eBook provides tips and best practices at each stage of the revenue cycle for boosting receivables and maintaining a positive patient experience.

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Collection Tips

Actionable tips for collecting more from patients at every stage of the revenue cycle including: pre-service, at time of service, and post service.

How To Change Your Mindset

Collecting money is a difficult task. Get advice for changing your mindset to feel more comfortable and to communicate better with your patients.

Best Practices

Best practices from leaders in both the healthcare and collections industries. 

Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction

It's true! You can collect payment in full and create an exceptional patient experience. We'll tell you how.

Watch our Patient Collection FAQs video series to get answers to our most frequently asked questions and start improving your revenue today!

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