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Creating Connections:

     How to Improve Patient Engagement at Every Stage of the Revenue Cycle

What is the real impact of patient engagement on the healthcare revenue cycle?

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Many view patient engagement as a campaign to improve satisfaction by delivering a better experience, but as patient expectations have changed so should your engagement goals. Make sure your initiatives are aimed in the right direction and get insights into improving your campaigns for higher activation, engagement, and revenue.

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What is Patient Engagement?

Get insights into the patient engagement movement and its changing goals, as well as who is responsible for ensuring the most effective strategies are in place within your healthcare organization.

Improving Throughout the Revenue Cycle

Get actionable tips to apply at each stage of the patient experience for improving engagement, and boosting revenue as a result.

The Effect on your Revenue Cycle

Explore the economic impacts of successful (and unsuccessful) initiatives.

Developing a Path to Success

Try this 10-step process for implementing new or improved patient engagement strategies for improved activation and receivables.

Watch our video series to learn more, and be sure to download our Creating Connections eBook for tips and best practices for improving both!

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